JAC Recruitment is a truly international company. Founded in London in 1975, and further extending our footprint to Asia in 1987, we are the longest established international recruitment company group in the region. We are specially known for making successful connections between professionals and Japanese multinationals, however our reach goes further than that, placing high caliber professionals, many with specialist language abilities, across all major multinational companies in the Asia region and beyond.

Our network of businesses spans 19 offices in 10 countries, across Asia and the U.K. and Japan. We are more than 1,000 professional consultants worldwide, specialists in our industries who believe in the philosopy of tsunagu, or ‘making connections’. Take the first step in finding the perfect connection for you or your business. Get in touch with our local offices today.

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The New Challenges of Recruiting Regionally Across SE Asia

The growing trend across the SE Asian economies to focus on employing talent from their local pool by tightening up on issuing work permits is causing multinational employers to re-evaluate their hiring strategies. More employers operating in countries across the region are looking to specialist recruitment consultancies who have a physical operational presence within those countries to satisfy their hiring needs rather than relying on traditional remote recruiting from the hubs of Singapore and Hong Kong.

Using the services of specialist recruiters who already have their feet on the ground in the country and an understanding of the local employment markets, culture and business practice, can provide better quality candidates and greatly reduce time to hire.

With JAC Recruitment’s coverage across Asia, we have strategically built a network of branches in key cities to focus on these changing hiring trends to better service our clients across the region by positioning ourselves close to the local talent pools. Having three local offices within each Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and two in Vietnam in addition to our operations in Singapore, India, Korea, Hong Kong and China, our aim is to provide the local experience to those looking to recruit across the region.

Stephen Blundell, Director, JAC Recruitment Asia

February 26, 2016