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Our History

"Our company may have grown in the past 45 years, however, we remain true to our core values and guiding mission"

Many things have changed since JAC (The Japan Agency & Consultancy), was established by Founder, Tadayoshi Tazaki in London, UK in 1975. In the 1970s, many people were unfamiliar with the term 'recruitment agent', and job mobility was not so widely prevalent. Tadayoshi Tazaki set out with a mission to support and streamline the recruitment process for the rapidly growing Japanese business community in the UK at the time. JAC was joined by the Group's current Chairman and CEO, Hiromi Tazaki in 1981, and opened its first overseas office in Singapore in 1987.

​Following the continued growth of JAC's business in Singapore and the UK, JAC expanded to Japan in 1988, establishing what is now the Group's head office. ​JAC has since expanded to 12 countries and territories throughout the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong SAR, Korea, Vietnam, India, Germany, and the USA.​

Since that time, JAC Group has grown considerably, becoming one of the most trusted business partners to local and multinational companies established in our regions of operation. In addition to the growth of our recruitment business, JAC Group has leveraged its diverse range of expertise to provide a broad offering of value-added services to businesses worldwide, including executive recruitment, business consulting, professional solutions, and online hiring. ​ Our company may have evolved over the years, however, one thing that remains is our unwavering commitment to supporting the growth and vision of forward-thinking companies across the globe.