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Philosophy & Policy, Our Mission

Our Mission

Connecting Ambitions

As recruitment and business solutions specialists, we recognise that the continued success of people and companies has a lasting impact on the health of our economy and society.

We are driven by our ability to contribute to supporting the long-term vision of our partners by connecting them with the right people and solutions to optimise their business.

Philosophy & Policy

"Philosophy & Policy" is the management philosophy of JAC Group and the cornerstone of our continuous growth and development. We are collectively dedicated to working in accordance with our company philosophy and values which have unwaveringly guided our business ethics and corporate culture since JAC Group's founding in 1975.


​At JAC Group, we value freedom and discipline in our business style. Building strong, trusting relationships with our partners is integral to our success. We are a company that values fairness, in which employees are evaluated based on their capabilities and achievements.


We take pride in our capacity to connect visionary companies with high-level talent and dynamic business solutions. The innovation and success of forward-thinking companies and individuals is the key to positive progress and prosperity in our societies and economies worldwide. We understand how important it is to deliver high-quality services with efficiency and speed, and value, above all, the sincerity and trust we cultivate with our partners.

Freedom & Discipline

The origin of "Freedom & Discipline" stems from a British educational philosophy that JAC Group's founder, Tadayoshi Tazaki, discovered while studying at a public school in the UK. The concept stems from the idea that learning should not be forced. If our relationship to learning is formed in tandem with self-discipline and genuine curiosity, learning will come to us naturally. This philosophy has become a significant part of JAC group's guiding values, and is reflected in the sincere and disciplined approach we take to our work.