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Consulting Support for Companies Expanding into Southeast Asia

Powerful business support solutions for global companies expanding into new territories.

JAC Consulting

JAC Consulting helps international businesses move into new countries and regions as seamlessly as possible. Local knowledge and many years of experience allow us to navigate through administrative processes swiftly so that the organisation can rapidly set about establishing a strong market presence knowing that they are compliant with local HR, licencing and company regulations.

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Empowering Multinational Companies Expanding into Japan

A department dedicated to providing comprehensive support to multinational companies (MNCs), empowering them to navigate and thrive in Japan's dynamic market.

The MNC Business Expansion Division, part of JAC Group, provides comprehensive support to new entrants and established multinational companies (MNCs) in Japan.

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Empowering Japanese Companies Expanding Overseas

We offer unique insights into the trends in various labour markets and salaries. We also provide consultation on recruitment strategies and requirements. Our goal is to support companies by offering information and consultation services in these areas.

Global Recruitment Support is a specialised department which provides deep knowledge based on numerous case studies to address challenges faced by Japanese organisations in achieving sustained growth, such as securing talent that is capable of globalisation of the company, globalising the organisation, and strengthening the governance of overseas subsidiaries.

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