On-demand Experienced Professionals Through Interim Management Solutions in Japan

JAC IMS helps businesses tap into a network of highly skilled, specialised problem solvers who are ready to assist with specific challenges as and when needed.


A fresh pair of eyes with another viewpoint can sometimes prove invaluable, no matter how good the business is. This is exactly why we created JAC IMS, our Interim Management Services solution that enables organisations to bring in high-calibre extra help as and when needed.

Leveraging the power of the JAC Group’s vast talent network, JAC IMS is the go-to solution when it comes to finding skilled, experienced talent to work on specific projects. It could be that the organisation is having a temporary skill gap that would be prudent to fill on a short-term basis rather than offering full-time employment. Or it may be the case that the firm does not have sufficient in-house resources to head up an important new team that will need guidance from a project-specific expert for six months.

JAC IMS fosters relationships with many experienced professionals from multiple different fields who are drawn to the challenges presented to them by businesses they have yet to engage with professionally. Fully supported by our consultants throughout each engagement, both the organisation and the talent they are brought to assist are meticulously matched to ensure the best possible outcomes.

JAC IMS – Our Strength

Pre-checks and Screening to Maximise Results

After receiving an organisation’s request, our team of highly skilled consultants will conduct a thorough investigation into the area in which the firm needs assistance in. Next, they will propose the necessary professional and/or team composition, as well as a path to the goal. Rather than simple skill matching, our team will put forward the most suitable personnel based on a deep understanding of the issues the firm needs to solve.

We place high value on assistance that leads to clear results. That means providing the organisation with interim managers who will not only steer the business towards specific deliverables but who will get into the field and provide support for complicated daily tasks if needed. JAC IMS continues to provide full support until the decision-making can comfortably be handled in-house.

A Proven Recruitment Partner with an Unrivalled Reputation

JAC Group is a global authority on market trends across every industry, excelling in job-change services for high-calibre personnel. Arguably, our greatest asset is our network of skilled, motivated professionals who are seeking new opportunities for success. Freelancers, executives and specialists are registered throughout the JAC IMS contacts book. Within this pool of exceptional talent, we comprehensively evaluate individual skills, past achievements, cultural fit and more before proposing appropriate personnel.

End-to-end Support from Diverse Professionals

Impartial, expert help can be exactly what a company needs when its internal teams hit the proverbial brick wall. Projects can accelerate at an exponential rate when seen from a fresh perspective, and this is where JAC IMS’ long list of highly qualified professionals comes into its own. Whether the professionals we put forward are freelancers, semi-retired professionals or those who simply enjoy working on engaging projects alongside their main job, we have a wide roster of talent that can help with all but not limited to the following challenges:

  • New business concepts/new business planning
  • Company strength/weakness analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Sales strategy planning
  • R&D
  • Entering new markets
  • Test marketing
  • Sales promotion
  • Project execution and project management
  • HR development and recruitment challenges
  • Evaluation system design
  • ERP integration
  • Business process reconstruction

And more. We aim to provide relevant, enthusiastic, highly experienced professionals to meet the organisation’s project-specific goals on demand.


On-demand professional for maximised results

A Tailored, Flexible Solution

At the heart of the JAC IMS solution is flexibility. The professionals we put forward typically help for between three months and one year, and we can comfortably handle the provision of different talent at different phases of a project.

For example, during the research and strategy planning stage, we may assign an experienced professional to work directly with the project owner to find ways to resolve certain issues or to help create an effective plan. Then, during execution, we can lean on the skills of other highly proficient talent who are better suited to this phase of the project.

The talent we provide can be dialled up or down as needed. Our goal is to connect the organisation with the right talent at the right time for as long as required. And if at the end of a project, a professional we have referred to the organisation has emerged as the kind of personnel you would like to employ full-time, we are happy to try and facilitate that as well. Thus, JAC IMS can function as a kind of ‘try before you buy’ service, in which critically important long-term hires may be identified and, if they are available, invited to stay.