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Talent Acquisition with Recruitment Process Optimisation Through Outsourcing in Japan

JAC Group’s RPO service brings industry-specific knowledge and a deep understanding of local business and culture to the internal TA and hiring process.

RPO Solutions

Before the launch, JAC sought to understand what preconceptions clients had about using an external company to work as their hiring agent, a function also known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO. We heard the same message time and again: "Existing RPO suppliers don't understand our company or the unique aspects of the Japanese market in which we operate."

It quickly became evident that an RPO solution from JAC Group could offer something different. By drawing on our history and comprehensive knowledge of specific key sectors in the marketplace, we developed a new approach that we call Recruitment Process Optimisation. This fresh take on the RPO format enables organisations to work with a hiring partner that truly speaks the firm’s language, a partner which can optimise the hiring process from start to finish, helping with everything from candidate search to attracting and onboarding new talent.

The response to JAC’s RPO Solutions has been overwhelming, with our team experiencing significant growth within the first year of the launch. From a strategic viewpoint, the expansion of RPO Solutions will further consolidate our standing as the premier one-stop recruitment solution across Japan and eventually further afield.

RPO Solutions – Our Strengths

A 100% Tailored Service

There is no fixed approach to RPO Solutions. When a business wants us to work as their hiring partner, we are fully aware of the incredible amount of trust they put in us. This makes us determined to begin on the strongest possible footing.

We first explore whatever is holding the organisation back. It may be that the team are finding it challenging to attract the right candidates, or perhaps the current interview process is in need of refinement. Once this health check on the existing recruitment process has been completed, we can help the organisation identify ways it can be improved to achieve the best results.

This plan will be entirely customised to the business needs and can be fine-tuned until the organisation is ready to take the next steps. Unlike many RPO organisations, we have no lock-in period – which makes the entire process as risk-free as possible. And, as a part of the JAC Group, we can leverage the expertise and resources of the largest and strongest recruitment agency in Japan.

A Recruiter’s Understanding of Talent Acquisition Needs

Often when working with other RPO companies, organisations find that the individuals brought in to support the hiring team are predominantly from an admin background. The firm itself may also be specialised in either very high-level executive roles or lower-level back office positions with no specialisation in filling those critical mid-career hires.

This is not true with us. With our in-depth understanding of the entire talent acquisition process, we see recruitment as a skill set which can be applied across industries. We are market leaders in that mid-career space in addition to having group divisions focused on executive and back-office roles.

By offering the organisation a support team with different skill sets, we can provide a much higher level of RPO service – a service that is designed to complement the work of any existing hiring department and enhance the entire recruitment function. Our access to talent via the various JAC Group brands such as JAC Recruitment, JAC Digital and VantagePoint is another key strength.


New approach we call Recruitment Process Optimisation

Expertise in Key Marketplaces

Backed by the JAC Group, RPO Solutions offers expert recruitment process outsourcing services in key marketplaces. With a tailored approach and deep understanding of the local market, we can enhance and strengthen your ability to attract and secure key talent. Our team of consultants bring a dynamic blend of industry backgrounds, complementing your hiring department. JAC’s RPO Solutions may well be the missing piece to your recruitment puzzle.

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