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Dynamic Business Solutions for Exceptional Companies

At JAC Group, we are passionate about supporting businesses in achieving long-term success. With extensive industry know-how, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to support the growth of our clients. Our comprehensive selection of service brands offers professional assistance in solving a broad range of operational challenges.

Whether you aim to streamline your recruitment operations to connect with highly experienced professionals, optimise your business processes, or make breakthroughs in addressing ongoing managerial issues, our specialist consultants are equipped to support you every step of the way.

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Recruitment Services

JAC Recruitment

JAC Recruitment is committed to building connections between talented professionals and companies seeking their expertise. With over 1200 expert consultants across Europe and Asia, JAC Recruitment operates with a diverse cultural understanding and specialisation in multilinguals and middle to senior level professionals and specialists.

JAC Digital

​JAC Digital connects companies with talent experienced in leading business digitalisation. With a network of professionals with specialised knowledge in the digital field, we support hiring for positions such as CDO/CIO/CTO, marketers, engineers, data scientists, and AI engineers.

JAC International

With global consultants, all fluent in two or more languages, JAC International offers recruitment services specifically tailored to multinational companies seeking bilingual professionals in the middle to senior level management grade.

JAC Executive

JAC Executive connects highly qualified C-suite candidates to companies hiring for executive-level positions, specialising in candidates such as CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, Directors, and Senior Managers.

JAC Career

​JAC Career works with companies to develop hiring plans centered around the recruitment of skilled young professionals in their 20s. With a focus on administrative roles and the IT/Digital and back-office fields, JAC consultants connect the next generation of future leaders with companies aspiring for long-term growth.


Bespoke recruitment services specialising in positions with consulting firms, financial institutions, and international corporations. Tackling a wide range of human capital issues for clients, VantagePoint delivers a high-touch, tailor-made approach rather than a one-size-fits-all-service.

Other JAC Services

JAC Professional Solutions

JAC Professional Solutions offers services designed to streamline key business processes. Our Recruitment Process Optimisation (RPO), and Interim Management Solutions (IMS) services are both currently offered in Japan to support your unique operational requirements and business growth. In Indonesia, we support clients with tailor-made consulting and outsourcing services, offering end-to-end guidance in business incorporation and optimisation.


C.C. Consulting Co., Ltd. and its flagship website ’CareerCross’ provide online recruitment for bilingual professionals in Japan. By combining the power of the internet with proactive marketing, global advertising, and top-level service, we deliver highly targeted and economical recruiting solutions for positions in Japan and overseas.

Our Brands

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  • JAC Consulting
    ​Supporting local and multinational clients in their expansion to the Indonesian market.
  • JAC Outsourcing
    ​Specialist consulting services, delivering business solutions to a broad range of domestic and international clients.
  • JAC Career
    JAC Career works with companies to develop robust hiring plans centred around the recruitment of young professionals in their 20s.
  • CareerCross
    Highly targeted and economical recruiting solutions for companies and bilingual professionals in Japan.