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JAC Consulting

Professional support services for local and multi-national companies wishing to establish themselves in the Indonesian Market

JAC Consulting is an expert business solutions provider, supporting our local and multinational clients in their expansion to the Indonesian market. We offer a comprehensive range of market-entry and business support services to assist you in getting started and to ensure continued success as your business grows.

At JAC Consulting, we understand the risks associated with market entry procedures. As experts in local Indonesian legislation, we strive to streamline the essential processes to ensure absolute compliance, minimization of regulatory risks, and peace of mind for the future of your business, in Indonesia.

Our comprehensive range of market-entry and business support services can be utilized and adapted individually or implemented as an all-inclusive package on an annual basis. 

Our Services

Our comprehensive range of market-entry and business support services can be utilized and adapted individually or implemented as an all-inclusive package on an annual basis. 

Management Support Service

Our professional Management Support Service (MSS), is ideal for clients seeking consultation and guidance throughout a broad range of business areas. MSS support is handled by our experienced and specialist staff members who offer comprehensive consultation and assistance on a broad range of business areas and offers a 24-hour telephone service for urgent assistance. Value-added features include notifications for license expiration dates, reservation arrangements for expatriate personnel, and priority seats to our training sessions and seminars. Included in this package, are services to assist your business in the following areas: 

  • Expatriate Work & Stay Permits

  • BKPM License

  • Corporate law

  • Governmental Mandatory Reports

  • Company Regulation

  • Employment Agreement

  • Other HR Document Support

  • Inspection Support

Permit & License Consultancy Services

As one of the top overseas business investment destinations in the world, many overseas companies are looking to expand their activities to Indonesia’s markets.   JAC Consulting has provided expert assistance in the establishment of business entities in Indonesia for many multinational companies operating within various industries. Many who are new to this process may feel overwhelmed by local language barriers and the complex bureaucratic steps involved. JAC provides comprehensive consultation from the beginning,  starting with research on business feasibility and prioritization of the compliance to government regulations. We ensure that the application process of establishment is as smooth and efficient as possible.

HR Consultancy Services

We offer comprehensive consultancy services to assure the total compliance of your company's operation to Indonesia’s labor laws. HR consultation services may be given hourly, monthly or on an annual basis depending on company necessity. Our services also include support for business seeking assistance with documentation for a wide variety of other HR-related purposes as follows:

  • Company Regulation

  • Employment Agreement

  • Other HR Document Support​​

HR Training & Seminars

At JAC Consulting, we create in-house training programs for your employees based on your company or institution's specific requirements. All training materials are tailored to fit your company's needs, focusing on identifying resolution for core problems existing within the organization.  A JAC Consulting, Training Organizer will work closely with you to create custom-made training activity plans in accordance with your individual requirements and timeframe, providing an exclusive, focused, and effective training experience.

Translation & Interpretation

  • Interpreters for General Meeting Shareholders, BOD/BOC, internal meetings

  • Interpreters for exhibitions, seminars, training, audits, and business negotiations

  • Translation of technical documentation such as manual books for machinery, work instructions, MSDS, etc.

  • Translation of various contract documents, laws and regulations, company regulations, collective labor agreements, etc.

  • Translation of websites (Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, English)

Other Business Consultancy

JAC Consulting provides comprehensive government inspection assistance services to support you in ensuring such processes run smoothly. Our Inspection Support Service includes essential administrative and compliance support in keeping all business-related documentation fully updated.