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JAC Outsourcing

Transformative business process solutions so that your company can focus on the bigger picture. 

JAC Outsourcing is a specialist consulting services provider delivering business solutions to in Indonesia to a broad range of domestic and international clients. JAC Outsourcing offers one of the industry's largest portfolios of talent in Indonesia, in addition to comprehensive business process outsourcing solutions to numerous international clients based both in Indonesia and globally. Our services are currently used by clients of all sizes from a diverse range of industries, such as IT Services, Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Transportation, Trading, Automotive, Hospitality, Tourism, Agricultural, FMCG, Consumer Goods and Retail, Construction, Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Business Services, Logistics, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Media, Legal Services, Education, Aviation, Marine, Pharmaceutical and Embassy/Governments. At JAC Outsourcing, client satisfaction and delivery excellence is our top priority.

Our Services

Employer Without Establishment

For foreign investors looking to establish a legal entity in Indonesia, careful and extensive market testing is essential in determining environmental conditions and profitability of products and services. Our Employer Without Establishment service can support your company in taking the first steps towards overseas expansion.  Foreign investor companies can legally register their employees under JAC Outsourcing employment status in the early stages of establishing a legal entity. We take care of all associated processes such as payroll and tax calculation, eliminating such time consuming task for companies aiming to focus on overseas growth. Many foreign investors engaging in first stage market testing in Indonesia opt to use this service as they familiarise themselves with the local market. For those companies who prefer to hire staff locally to carry out such activities, JAC outsourcing also provides recruitment services to aid such operations. 

Accounting and Tax

Companies worldwide are taking advantage of the financial benefits associated with outsourcing essential business processes. By outsourcing your accounting and tax compliance functions to our external service provider, your company saves valuable time and resources which would ordinarily be channeled into hiring an in-house team. Our accounting & tax services will grant your company the freedom to focus on your core business activities and growth, while we take care of the time-consuming details.


JAC Outsourcing offers fully compliant payroll services for both small and large companies. The cost and time-saving benefits are numerous when operating in a new, overseas market where local payroll and tax laws may be unfamiliar to foreign investors. Running an in-house payroll department can be a costly and time-consuming aspect of business. By trusting this process to JAC Outsourcing’s expert professionals, companies can avoid all the costs associated with hiring additional personnel, and avoid potential error in local tax compliance.