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For 49 years, JAC Group has proudly served as a partner to the world’s best businesses and exceptionally talented people worldwide.

We are driven by our passion to connect people who are the best at what they do with employers worldwide. It is a relationship that proves essential to the growth of organisations and ultimately contributes to the development of economies and societies.

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Our portfolio of 11 distinct brands is strategically designed to cater to specific organisational needs worldwide. This is how we provide tailored solutions that streamline business processes.

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Our extensive reach, connections, and deep knowledge of industries enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions for global recruitment. This is how we serve the business needs of organisations around the world.

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Happy Pride Month! JAC Group is dedicated to fostering an inclusive work environment that encourages professionals to embrace their true selves. For this purpose, we are working with Makoto Kotaka, advisor to the LGBTQ+ Committee and Managing Director of JAC UK, to promote understanding of LGBTQ+ issues internally and externally and to increase allyship. “Part of our fundamental principles within our company and Philosophy & Policy, is ‘Fairness’. With offices in 11 countries across Asia, Europe, and the United States, we have teams from all walks of life in our business. We respect diversity across gender, nationality, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and religion. JAC stands tall and proud with our LGBTQ+ community.” hashtag#Pride2024 hashtag#JACRecruitment hashtag#JACGroup hashtag#LifeatJAC hashtag#diversity hashtag#inclusion hashtag#equity hashtag#equality hashtag#LGBTQ+

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Our Associate Director, Olivia Boutault, shares how JAC Group having a woman CEO inspired her to join the company, and what other organisations in Japan can do to empower women in the workplace. 🎧 Listen to the full episode on our website for actionable insights! hashtag#womenempowerment hashtag#dei hashtag#diversityandinclusion hashtag#workplaceinclusion hashtag#JACInternational

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本日、2024年度助成金1次募集 助成団体決定についてのプレスリリースが配信されました。 詳細は下記URLをご参照ください。 『JAC環境動物保護財団 2024年度1次募集 助成団体決定』

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May 1st is International Labour Day and at JAC Group we are committed to becoming a better and healthier workplace for all. We do this by encouraging exercise habits, taking non-smoking initiatives, ensuring work-life balance including helping parents balancing work and family responsibilities, and so on. We have received external evaluations to help us reach our goals and targets when it comes to employee wellbeing. Some of JAC Recruitment’s current evaluations include: · JAC Recruitment has been recognised under the "2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organisation Recognition Program" operated by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi. · JAC Recruitment received the highest rating of Gold in the “PRIDE Index 2023”, an evaluation index for LGBTQ+ and other sexual minority initiatives, formulated by the voluntary organisation “Work with Pride”. · As a company committed to promoting D&I at a high level not only in Japan but also globally, we were recognised as a 'Best Workplace' in the D&I AWARD 2023 organised by JobRainbow Inc. · In the Forbes JAPAN’s 2023 “WOMEN AWARD”, celebrating companies that produce female leaders and professionals and individual women of high accomplishment, JAC Recruitment was ranked at the 31st place out of approximately 1,900 eligible companies. Please read more about our external evaluations on our corporate website: hashtag#InternationalLabourDay2024 hashtag#JACRecruitment hashtag#GreatWorkplace hashtag#EmployeeWellbeing hashtag#CSR hashtag#DiversityandInclusion