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For 49 years, JAC Group has proudly served as a partner to the world’s best businesses and exceptionally talented people worldwide.

We are driven by our passion to connect people who are the best at what they do with employers worldwide. It is a relationship that proves essential to the growth of organisations and ultimately contributes to the development of economies and societies.

JAC Group’s Specialised Brands

Our portfolio of 11 distinct brands is strategically designed to cater to specific organisational needs worldwide. This is how we provide tailored solutions that streamline business processes.

A Powerful Global Presence

Our extensive reach, connections, and deep knowledge of industries enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions for global recruitment. This is how we serve the business needs of organisations around the world.

JAC Group Social Media

JAC Group

In celebration of International Women's Day 2024, we reaffirm our deep commitment to empowering women and inspiring inclusivity, to connect people and business, and to contribute to their growth. Please join us in advocating for gender equality and acknowledging the invaluable contributions of women worldwide. #IWD2024 #InspireInclusion

JAC International

Ever wondered what to talk about at your first networking event in Japan? 🤝 Our Managing Director, Duncan Harrison, shares invaluable tips in the first episode of our 'Job Market Pulse' audio series. 🎙️ Perfect your approach and make meaningful connections from the start. Dive deeper into networking secrets - listen to the full episode now! #JACInternational #JobMarketPulse #networking #networkingtips #workinjapan #japaneseculture

JAC Group

Today JAC Group published its fourth quarter Results Briefing FY2023, on the IR News section of our corporate website. For more information please visit the link below: hashtag#IR hashtag#InvestorRelations hashtag#IRNews hashtag#決算説明

JAC Environmental & Animal Protection Foundation

The JAC Environmental & Animal Protection Foundation has announced the start of its second round of grant applications. Since 2008 the JAC Group has been engaged in overseas afforestation activities in Southeast Asia. In March 2022, Hiromi Tazaki established the charitable JAC Environmental & Animal Protection Foundation whose purpose is to ensure the conservation of the natural environment and the protection of animal life in Japan. At the JAC Group we help the growth of people, businesses, the economy, and society, while contributing to environmental conservation on a global scale, carrying out conservation activities, and raising awareness. We are proud to support the work of this foundation.