JAC Group – Our History

Our remarkable journey from a single London office to a globally renowned organiation nearing its 50th anniversary is a testament to the incredible growth and expansion achieved over the years. This is our brief history.


Establishment in the UK

Establishment in the UK

In order to support Japanese people living in the UK,Tadayoshi Tazaki, the founder, established JAC (Japan Agency & Consultancy). Tadayoshi started a recruitment business for Japanese companies in the UK, among other ventures.

The First Five Years

High Demand Leads to Expansion

High Demand Leads to Expansion

Following a successful launch, our founder, Tadayoshi Tazaki, discovers that he and his small team are highly adept at helping Japanese nationals living in the UK to grow their careers. With high demand for strong professional coming from Japanese organisations, JAC Group quickly expanded, opening a new branch in the City of London.


Global Expansion


Founded Japan Agency & Consultancy (JAC)


Founded its first overseas office, JAC Recruitment Singapore


Founded JAC Japan

Global Expansion

In 1981, Hiromi Tazaki, joins the company. The dynamic husband and wife team lead JAC Group to international growth. JAC Recruitment Singapore, the first overseas office, opened in 1987. Specialising in finding Japanese-speaking candidates for Japanese firms expanding into Singapore, the business was sufficiently successful to inspire a bold decision to launch in Japan. JAC Japan was established in 1988.


A Growing Reputation and a Solid Japanese Presence


Founded JAC Recruitment Malaysia

A Growing Reputation and a Solid Japanese Presence

With the company's reputation as a trusted recruitment partner steadily growing, JAC Group launched JAC Recruitment Malaysia in 1994. The recently opened Japanese office, meanwhile, proves to be incredibly well-received, and will ultimately go on to become home to the Group's headquarters.


Asian Expansion and Listing on JASDAQ


Founded JAC Recruitment Indonesia


Founded JAC Recruitment China
Founded JAC Recruitment Thailand


Listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange


Introduction of JAC Recruitment as a global brand


Corporate name changed to JAC Recruitment

Asian Expansion and Listing on JASDAQ

Three Asian offices opened in quick succession, solidifying JAC Group's status as a recruitment powerhouse in the region. JAC Recruitment Indonesia came first in 2002, closely followed by launches in China and Thailand in 2004. In 2006 JAC Recruitment Japan was listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange, while 2009 saw a company name change from JAC Japan Co, Ltd to JAC Recruitment Co, Ltd. The business also adopts a new '360°-style' approach to talent introduction and international operations.


A Decade of Growth


Founded JAC Recruitment Hong Kong
Founded JAC Recruitment Korea
Founded JAC International as subsidiary company


Founded JAC Recruitment Vietnam
Acquisition of C.C. Consulting (Now CareerCross)


Founded JAC Recruitment India


Listing on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Now changed to Prime Market)


Acquired JAC Recruitment Asia Ltd as a 100% owned subsidiary


Founded JAC Recruitment Germany

A Decade of Growth

Our most intense decade of expansion to date saw the establishment of JAC Recruitment Korea and Hong Kong in 2011. That was followed by Vietnam in 2013, India in 2014 and Germany in 2019. Other significant developments include the launch of JAC International in 2011 and the acquisition of C.C. Consulting Co, Ltd. and its CareerCross brand in 2013. Additionally, JAC Recruitment Japan was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015 (changed to the Prime market due to the TSE classification change in 2022 ), while in 2018 the acquisition of all shares of JAC Recruitment Asia Ltd. is completed by JAC Recruitment Japan.


An Important Acquisition, An Anniversary and An American Expansion


Acquisition of VantagePoint
Introduction of RPO Solution and JAC IMS
Changed the company name to JAC Recruitment International from JAC Recruitment Asia


Transitioned to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Founded JAC Recruitment USA
Establishment of VantagePoint Executive Search US

An Important Acquisition, An Anniversary and An American Expansion

The decade began with a milestone in 2020 as we acquired VantagePoint K.K., a 100% owned subsidiary, which further strengthened our presence in senior management and CxO recruitment consulting solutions. Additionally, we celebrated our 45th anniversary with great pride. In 2023, we expanded further by opening our office in Los Angeles, the home of JAC Recruitment USA.