Message from the Top

We are united by our shared dedication to providing world-class services to our partners with speed, sincerity, and professionalism.

When JAC Group was first established in the UK in 1975, we set out on a mission to bridge the gap between talented people and companies seeking their expertise. This value comes from an understanding that innovation and progress, on both a personal and societal level, are accomplished by individuals and enterprises being aligned by a shared vision for the future.

Since the very beginning, we have endeavoured to serve as a company guided by unchallengeable values that have always been the very foundation of our work and professional contribution. As we expanded our operations across Asia and into Europe, we continued to build strong and lasting relationships with our partners based upon trust and delivering results.

Our true asset is our well-connected global network of specialised consultants. We are all united by our shared dedication to providing world-class services whilst operating within a result-oriented internal culture, supported by mutual trust.

With this in mind, we champion long-term investment in the development of our people, and we look towards a future of unlimited opportunity in the evolution of our services and worldwide presence. With the knowledge that we have accumulated over many years of business, we now plan to further broaden our sphere of service offerings and to expand their application internationally to further support the growth of our clients.

We are all currently facing testing times, however, our strategy remains one of tenacity, growth, and maintaining the ever-present goal of contributing to the development of our clients and candidates to allow them to thrive no matter what challenges they may face. We look forward to further strengthening our existing partnerships and building valued new relationships in the years to come.

Hiromi Tazaki
Co-founder, Chairman, CEO, and Managing Director