JAC Group (JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.) Senior Leadership

Operational Directors

Hiromi Tazaki

Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO, and Managing Director

Tadayoshi Tazaki

Founder, Director, and Chief Advisor

Hiroki Yamada

Executive Director and Head of Sales

Toshihiko Okino

Director, Head of Administration, CFO, and CHRO

Stephen Blundell

Director, Head of Global Business Headquarters

Associate Directors

Yuka Kono

Associate Director of Sales East Japan 1

Tokuji Hayakawa

Associate Director of Sales East Japan 2

Tateki Sasa

Associate Director of Sales East Japan 3

Hiroshi Matsuoka

Associate Director of Sales East Japan 4

Yu Sato

Associate Director of Sales East Japan 5

Masahiro Oishi

Associate Director of Sales West Japan

Duncan Harrison

Associate Director of Sales MNC Business, Japan

Sotaro Jimbo

Associate Director, Head of Corporate Planning and Global Recruitment Support

Miwako Kaneko

Associate Director, Chief Communications Officer, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

Takashi Fukumoto

Associate Director, Chief Marketing Officer

Sachin Deodhar

Associate Director, Chief Technology Information Officer

Affiliated Company Senior Leadership
JAC International Co., Ltd. / VantagePoint K.K.

Duncan Harrison

JAC International Managing Director, VantagePoint Managing Partner

CareerCross Co., Ltd.

Toshihide Horiguchi

Managing Director

Hiroyuki Hirayama