Recruitment in Germany / Hiring in Germany

Our second European business was established in Germany in 2019. Today, we have offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich. With expertise in multiple markets, such as engineering, financial services and logistics, our team of recruitment specialists based in Germany are highly adept at finding exceptional talent for the organisations they work with.

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JAC Recruitment

Leading Recruitment Consultancy Operating in Asia, Europe, and the USA

JAC Recruitment is our flagship brand. It is the foundation on which our whole organisation was built. It is also the largest of our businesses, by far, with more than 1,300 professional consultants. Furthermore, JAC Recruitment has a strong global presence with operations spanning across multiple countries worldwide.

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A Powerful Global Presence

Our extensive reach, connections, and deep knowledge of industries enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions for global recruitment. This is how we serve the business needs of organisations around the world.