Recruitment in Japan / Hiring in Japan

JAC Recruitment provides recruitment services in Japan through 12 offices in Tokyo, Yokohama, North Kanto / Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto / Nagoya, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka / Hiroshima, Fukuoka / Sendai. With 1,200 consultants and over 170 specialised teams nationwide, our dedicated teams of highly professional consultants are committed to delivering expert recruitment services to both local and multinational companies in Japan.

In addition, RPO Solutions offers recruitment process outsourcing, and JAC IMS provides on-demand access to experienced professionals.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of JAC Recruitment, we also offer JAC International, VantagePoint, and CareerCross to meet a wide range of recruitment needs in Japan.

Recruitment Services

JAC Recruitment

Management, Specialists, and Global Talent

With 170 specialised teams covering sectors such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Consulting Firm, Construction & Real Estate, Consumer Goods, Services, Digital, IT, and Back Office, we provide expert recruitment services to both local and multinational companies in Japan. Additionally, we offer three brands specialising in the following areas of expertise.

JAC Executive

Executives and Senior Management - CxOs and Directors

Our unique network has extensive experience in introducing Executives, Senior Managers, Outside Directors, Overseas Management, and Business Successors. We also offer retained executive search services.

JAC Digital

Digital Specialists - CDOs/CIOs, marketers, engineers, etc.

We specialise in introducing digital specialists for various positions, including CDO, CIO, Systems, Web, AI, Network, Security, Cloud, Data, PM, Consultant, Sales, Marketing, and Business Planning, to IT companies and companies aiming to digitalise their operations.

JAC Career

Talented Specialists in their 20's - digital, IT, back office, future leaders, etc.

Our extensive experience in manager recruitment enables us to identify and introduce young candidates who have the potential to become great leaders in the future.

JAC International

Bilingual Specialists and Global Talent in Japan

We specialise in finding global talent with language skills and an international mindset who can drive your global business forward.

Executive Search


Executive Search and Headhunting Firm

We provide a fully customised executive search and headhunting service in Japan and the USA. Our service focuses on executive positions, including partners in consulting firms, senior management, CxOs in financial institutions, and more.

Other Services

RPO Solutions

Recruitment Process Optimisation through HR Outsourcing

We can assist when you are facing recruitment challenges, such as when you need to hire a large number of people continuously, are planning to hire a significant number in the short term, and lack extensive in-house recruitment experience. (RPO: Recruitment Process Optimisation)


Interim Specialists for Immediate Needs

We can assist when there is an immediate need for specialists for a limited period of time. This could be when there is a lack of knowledge or specialists within the company to carry out key projects, when there is no replacement available due to sudden resignations, or when the recruitment process is not progressing and the business is being significantly affected. (IMS: Interim Management Solutions)

Direct Recruitment Platform


Direct Recruitment Platform for Bilingual Professionals

We provide an online platform for companies looking to recruit candidates with English language skills or global talent. Our platform is primarily used by multinational companies, Japanese companies with global operations, and companies seeking to recruit directly.

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JAC Group is a global Specialist Recruitment Consultancy providing recruitment and related services. Since its inception, the company has continuously grown and expanded, currently operating in 34 locations across 11 countries.