Leading Online Recruitment Platform for Bilingual Specialists

CareerCross makes hiring great talent faster and more efficient. Whether you are looking for mid-career candidates or skilled specialists, we ensure that the organisation gets the right talent fast. The majority of professionals registered with CareerCross have more than 3 years of work experience. About 25% have already worked overseas. More than 80% have business-level English proficiency or higher.


JAC Group recruiting and business services have been helping companies hire the right bilingual talents through its CareerCross website for more than a decade. The concept was developed as part of the group’s broader consulting and full-service recruiting business.

Since its establishment, CareerCross has been facilitating connections between multinational companies and multilingual talents, enabling them to thrive in a global environment. Our reputation for results is built on a track record of attracting the best candidates with multiple language skills. This specialisation has firmly established CareerCross as a preferred solution for organisations seeking top-tier bilingual talent.

Strengths of CareerCross

An International Presence

CareerCross has built its talent pool by providing a global-facing, industry-leading range of opportunities focused on candidates who are bilingual. This all happens through the support of JAC Group’s offices in 11 countries, driving growth for CareerCross in Japan and globally.

Core Strength in Four Sectors

Bilingual sales, back-office, IT and marketing professionals form the core of a vibrant, global-facing talent pool accessible only at CareerCross. Based on its reputation, the website attracts well-employed candidates looking for new opportunities. This makes CareerCross one of the fastest, easiest ways for organisations to identify new candidates and hire the right talent. Building on those core fields, CareerCross has also attracted skilled bilinguals across a range of other sectors including healthcare, banking, logistics and construction.


effectively connect with exceptional bilingual talents

A Fast, Efficient Solution

Hiring excellent professionals has become among the most difficult tasks every organisation faces. This has created a struggle among recruiting companies to find and maintain scouting and job postings on job sites. It’s a very fast-paced business where having an established, trusted platform like CareerCross provides a big advantage.

At CareerCross, about half of job offers are made based on applications from registered candidates. The remainder are made by businesses and organisations that have scouted the large body of uploaded resumes on CareerCross in search of the right professional. That process has been perfected by CareerCross over 20-plus years to provide a seamless online bilingual recruitment solution that drives the fastest and most effective hiring on the market.

Fully Supported Recruitment

While the CareerCross website offers access to an industry-leading bilingual talent pool, it is the front end of a well-established full-service recruiting and consulting group company. Working with CareerCross means opening the door to a full range of services for finding the right talent and going through each step of the hiring process from interview to offer.

As part of the service, organisations will get free onboarding on how to effectively implement and utilise the website's features. We also provide fast, friendly support and advice in Japanese or English on scouting or posting jobs on the organisation’s behalf.