JAC Digital

Recruiting Top Tech Talent for Digitalisation and Digital Transformation

JAC Digital caters to hiring needs across the IT spectrum from systems engineers to web developers, AI systems specialists and project managers. Security, cloud computing, sales representatives and business planners are all represented in talent pools our consultants know and understand. The breadth and depth of our intelligence across these industries gives us inside access to prime talent with just the right skill set for CTO, CIO and CDO positions.

JAC Digital

The business landscape is changing at an exponential pace. Top organisations recognise that digitalisation/DX is absolutely essential to keep pace. To help them on this journey, they need deeply experienced professionals and consultants with inside knowledge of everything from software engineering and development to IT and AI – as well as technologies that support business functions such as sales, marketing and customer service.

JAC Digital is the gateway to high-calibre professionals with strong track records of success, deep skills and clear growth potential across the IT business landscape, from mid-level specialists to C-suite recruits. At a time when many companies are reporting chronic shortages of talent to help them tackle digitalisation and DX, the focused, highly professional services offered by JAC Digital have never been more in demand.

Our 350+ JAC Digital consultants are able to reach out to tech talent from across multiple sectors that will best meet their organisation’s needs. Whoever the best candidate is, we can help to locate them – whether they are actively looking for work or have a more casual/passive outlook.

Strengths of JAC Digital

Industry-specific Specialists to Support Your DX

JAC Digital has individual teams of dedicated digital consultants for each industry we cater to – meaning we can provide expert insight into the best candidates in multiple fields. By diligently handpicking the best candidates from within and outside the industry we’ve built a solid track record of finding and placing the best possible candidates with clients who rely on them to contribute to the organisation’s growth. Additionally, we have many multilingual consultants who can extend our search capabilities even further by partnering with any of the JAC Recruitment overseas offices around the world when needed.

A Meticulous Support System for Both Clients and Candidates

JAC Digital's consultants employ a two-sided approach to recruitment, meaning they look after both clients and candidates directly. This ensures both efficiency and continuity of service, with zero friction entering the recruitment process. By maintaining close contact with candidates, our consultants are able to give a rapid snapshot of the talent landscape at a moment's notice. As a result, our clients can often move much more quickly than if they were working with other recruitment partners.

The Backbone of a Vibrant Tech Community

Our consultants are truly immersed in the digital community and constantly scan the industry for trends and opportunities. This commitment extends to our clients, as each JAC Digital team is attuned to the management issues of the companies they work with and can introduce the best talent for their digital and DX strategies.

Moreover, JAC Digital is an active participant in the tech community, actively sharing information about DX trends and careers through multiple platforms such as SNS, hosting webinars and engaging in other activities seen by thousands across the digital spectrum. This activity enables us to connect not only with digital specialists looking to source a new position but also with those whose interest in changing careers is currently less overt. We are able to build bridges between this passive top talent and recruitment sites with a thoroughness that other companies cannot match.


Focus on multinational companies with the bilingual talent

End-to-end assistance

While partnering with major organisations across multiple industries, JAC Digital has a proven track record in helping small to medium-sized enterprises who want to strengthen their DX. JAC Digital also supports companies in assessing and sourcing their talent requirements when launching a new DX business or department. The digital talent needs of start-ups are regularly supported, too.

Our talent pool includes professionals in a wide variety of specialisations, including IT consultants, engineers, developers, IT sales, digital marketers and senior tech leaders ready to take on new boardroom-level roles. Our purpose is to help the firm and the business to flourish across the digital arena.