JAC Group – Our History

Our remarkable journey from a single London office to a globally renowned organisation nearing its 50th anniversary is a testament to the incredible growth and expansion achieved over the years. This is our brief history.


Founded in the UK

Founded in the UK

In the early 1970s, with full-fledged expansion of Japanese companies into the UK, Tadayoshi Tazaki, the founder, began providing various services that are needed by employees working for Japanese companies in the UK, including importing Japanese food and setting up a Japanese supermarket, and telephone news service. In 1975, JAC’s predecessor, Japan Agency & Consultancy, was established.


JAC Recruitment division of Japan Agency & Consultancy (JAC) was established

Establishment of JAC Recruitment

Hiromi Tazaki, current Chairman and President joined the company and began the full-scale launch of recruitment consultancy in the business. Renting only a single desk in the corner of the accounting office on the second floor of the supermarket, JAC Recruitment and JAC Property divisions of Japan Agency & Consultancy (JAC) were established.


The company’s first overseas office, JAC Recruitment Singapore was established


JAC Japan was established


JAC Recruitment Malaysia was established


JAC Recruitment Indonesia was established


JAC Recruitment China was established
JAC Recruitment Thailand was established

Japan Tokyo City Scape

Global Expansion and Back to Japan

Despite having Japanese founders, JAC Recruitment essentially started out as a British company in the UK. Subsequently, it would go on to successfully launch its first overseas branch in Singapore, before making a reverse landing in Japan as a foreign-affiliated recruitment company, under the name of JAC Japan. It was the first time that a Japanese-owned British company had done this, marking a significant milestone for the company.


JAC Japan Co., Ltd. was listed on JASDAQ Securities Exchange

Listed on the JASDAQ stock exchange

JAC Japan Co., Ltd. was listed on the JASDAQ stock exchange. The overseas branches of JAC Recruitment became known collectively as JAC Recruitment International, with the Singapore office designated as headquarters to oversee operations outside of Japan.


JAC Japan was renamed as JAC Recruitment


JAC Recruitment Hong Kong was established
JAC Recruitment Korea was established
JAC International was established as subsidiary company of JAC Recruitment Japan


JAC Recruitment Vietnam was established
M&A deals were arranged, making C.C. Consulting Co., Ltd. (now CareerCross) a wholly-owned subsidiary


JAC Recruitment India was established


JAC Recruitment Market listing was changed to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Renamed JAC Japan as JAC Recruitment

In 2009, JAC Japan was renamed as JAC Recruitment. In 2015, it was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and today it operates in 11 countries worldwide.


JAC Recruitment International (overseas offices) was reintegrated with JAC Recruitment Japan


JAC Recruitment Germany was established


M&A deals were arranged, making VantagePoint K.K. a wholly-owned subsidiary
RPO (Recruitment Process Optimisation) Solutions and IMS (Interim Management Solutions) services were launched in Japan


JAC Recruitment Market listing was changed to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


JAC Recruitment USA was established
VantagePoint Executive Search US was established

Japan reintegrated with overseas operations

JAC Recruitment International was reintegrated with JAC Recruitment Japan, after which it became a JAC Group company. JAC Recruitment International is a consolidated subsidiary that oversees 17 business locations in 11 countries outside of Japan.