Global Recruitment Support (GRS)

Empowering Japanese Companies Expanding Overseas

Global Recruitment Support is a specialised department which provides deep knowledge based on numerous case studies to address challenges faced by Japanese organisations in achieving sustained growth overseas.

What is Global Recruitment Support (GRS)?

Global Recruitment Support is a specialised department which provides deep knowledge based on numerous case studies to address challenges faced by Japanese organisations in achieving sustained growth, such as securing talent that is capable of globalisation of the company, globalising the organisation, and strengthening the governance of overseas subsidiaries.

We offer unique insights into the trends in various labour markets and salaries. We also provide consultation on recruitment strategies and requirements. Our goal is to support companies by offering information and consultation services in these areas.

Ideal Candidates for Global Business Expansion

(few examples)

  • Managing the operations of an overseas subsidiary as an expat or as a dispatch
  • Provide specialised support from the HQ, such as technical, quality control, service, finance and IT
  • A supply-chain specialist selecting overseas suppliers, planning production, transportation, and implementation
  • Sales professional who has deep knowledge and capability of business expansion in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and other regions
  • Professionals who have experience in overseas business in areas such as machinery, automotive, electrical/electronics, chemical, food, medical, energy, retail and food service
  • Legal specialists who have knowledge of legal systems, regulations, patents and business practices in various regions around the world
  • Highly skilled foreign professionals with extensive experience in licensing, who have been working in Japan and possessing expertise in fields such as IT, design, and marketing

Characteristics of Registered Professionals (Actual between Jan. to Dec. 2022)

Approximately 50% of the total personnel registered are from mid-30s to 40s, and out of those, 78% can use English.

49% are from age group 35 to 49

78% can use English

Consultants with Extensive Knowledge and Experience will Provide Consultation Beyond Business Expansion

Our consultants at Global Recruitment Support have wide overseas experience in conducting studies on talent acquisition and organisational challenges faced by multinational companies headquartered in Japan. With a deep understanding of the recruitment and talent market, we will consult on optimising talent acquisition and planning. Our consultants who have experience as guest speakers at seminars hosted by governmental bodies, financial institutions and more will assist with the organisation’s business expansion.

We accept inquiries through our registration form. Please provide the details of your inquiry, how you’d like to be contacted (in-person, online, email etc.), along with the desired date and time.
We will respond to the inquiry with an appropriate team.
We will provide a proposed schedule, services mix and contact terms including cost.
Agreement & Consultative Partnership
The organisation will have to sign a contract with international JAC Recruitment offices around the world before the introduction of the candidate. We will provide support for a seamless hiring process.

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JAC Group has been releasing international hiring market information which has been collected and analysed through the group’s global network.

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Asia Market Reports

JAC Group, which operates recruiting businesses in 11 countries around the world, provides reports based on its long-standing experience and knowledge in the Asian countries where each company operates. Salary Analysis is statistical data on annual salary in the job market. We hope that this report will help you to accurately grasp the market when conducting mid-career recruitment in Asia, and to make your hiring a success.