MNC Business Expansion Division

Empowering Multinational Companies Expanding into Japan

A department dedicated to providing comprehensive support to multinational companies (MNCs), empowering them to navigate and thrive in Japan's dynamic market.

Expanding into Japan

MNC Business Expansion Division

The MNC Business Expansion Division, part of JAC Group, provides comprehensive support to new entrants and established multinational companies (MNCs) in Japan. With deep market knowledge, talent acquisition expertise, and a global network, our team maximises success and growth in Japan's dynamic market.

We navigate market intricacies and meet diverse hiring needs, offering tailored solutions including market intelligence, talent acquisition, and ongoing consultation. Our insights, strategies, and industry-specific guidance have had long-term success in unlocking the full potential of the Japanese market, empowering companies to establish or expand operations.

Strengths of MNC Business Expansion Division:

Comprehensive Market Intelligence

Our division possesses an in-depth understanding of the Japanese job market, ensuring that MNCs receive accurate and up-to-date market intelligence. We closely monitor hiring trends and market demands. We also perform salary analysis across various industries and demographics. This knowledge equips companies with the information needed to make informed decisions and to devise effective recruitment strategies, regardless of their level of experience in Japan.

Talent Acquisition and Consultation

Securing top-tier talent is essential for success in the Japanese market. Whether a company is new to Japan or has been operating for a significant period, it can rely on our division to attract and place bilingual professionals proficient in both Japanese and English. By leveraging our talent acquisition expertise, MNCs can build a high-performing team that drives growth and bridges the gap between headquarters and Japan.

49% are from age group 35 to 49

78% can use English

*Candidate pool demographics among JAC Recruitment in Japan as an example

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End-to-End Support

The MNC Business Expansion Division offers comprehensive support throughout the hiring process, from the initial inquiry to the signing of contracts and beyond. We are committed to providing end-to-end assistance, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients every step of the way. We engage in detailed consultations to understand each client's specific hiring needs and provide tailored market intelligence and recruitment strategies. Our professional recruitment consultants excel in candidate selection and placement. Furthermore, we provide valuable post-placement support and ongoing consultation to ensure the long-term success of our clients' businesses in Japan.

Extensive Global Network

As part of JAC Group, the MNC Business Expansion Division benefits from our company's extensive global reach. With our roots in the UK since 1975, JAC Group has established itself as a specialist recruitment service company operating in 11 countries across 34 locations. Our team of over 1,400 professional consultants possesses a vast network and wealth of experience, ensuring that our clients have access to exceptional talent and expertise worldwide.