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VantagePoint is a specialised executive search and headhunting firm that focuses on senior management and executive roles, including C-suite / C-level positions. With a primary focus on consulting firms, private equity, life sciences, technology, and financial institutions, VantagePoint is dedicated to sourcing top talents.

VantagePoint works with both Japanese and multinational companies in Japan when they require professionals with a strong management consultancy background. It takes a highly tailored approach, providing a bespoke experience for each individual rather than offering a generic, one-size-fits-all solution.

The first overseas branch of VantagePoint is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, where numerous Japanese companies have established manufacturing facilities and conduct business operations.

Our Executive Search

Industry knowledge

The team consists of industry experts to help your executive search at the highest levels. With their deep understanding of the technical requirements, its consultants identify candidates based on their capabilities, potential, and cultural fit for your organisation. Instead of simply scanning CVs for buzzwords, they focus on finding the right candidates who will thrive in your company.

Lasting relationships with exclusive candidates

A strong network is valuable for executive search, but it is the relationships that VantagePoints cultivates with top talent that truly sets us apart. Its deep connections and ongoing dialogue with exceptional candidates creates a unique advantage when it comes to advising on recruiting strategies.

Going beyond simple introductions

VantagePoint does not stop at just introducing top talent to organisations. It goes the extra mile by conducting deep-dive assessments of each candidate and providing proactive follow-ups once they join an organisation. With a thoughtful executive search strategy in place, VantagePoint ensures a smooth integration process for every new hire.

Executive search at the highest levels