Recruitment in Indonesia / Hiring in Indonesia

JAC Recruitment Indonesia was established in 2002 and has an office in Jakarta.

Our dedicated teams of highly professional consultants are committed to delivering expert recruitment services to both local and multinational companies in Indonesia.

We also offer JAC Consulting and JAC Outsourcing in Indonesia.

Recruitment Services

JAC Recruitment

Management, Specialists, and Global Talent

In Indonesia, we have particular strengths in the manufacturing, chemical, healthcare, construction, digital, IT, consumer goods, and retail sectors. Additionally, we have expertise in sourcing multilingual professionals and global talent.

Other Services

JAC Consulting

Consulting Services for Companies Operating in or Expanding into Indonesia

We offer a range of consulting services in Indonesia, including assistance with the licensing procedures required for establishing a local company, guidance on setting up a business in compliance with Indonesian laws and regulations, support with Indonesian visa applications, translation and interpretation services, and organisation of seminars.

JAC Outsourcing

Outsourcing Services in Indonesia

We offer the opportunity to outsource your day-to-day business operations in Indonesia without the need to establish a company in the country. Additionally, you can also outsource your back-office functions to our specialists in Indonesia.

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A Powerful Global Presence

JAC Group is a global Specialist Recruitment Consultancy providing recruitment and related services. Since its inception, the company has continuously grown and expanded, currently operating in 34 locations across 11 countries.