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Management & Specialist Recruitment

JAC Recruitment, our flagship brand, excels in connecting top talent with multinational organisations. With a widespread presence across multiple countries, it offers a comprehensive, integrated, and localised service. JAC Recruitment's focus extends to providing exceptional talent solutions for international companies worldwide.

Management and Specialists Recruitment

JAC Recruitment

Leading Recruitment Consultancy Operating in Asia, Europe, and the US
Our signature brand has offices in 11 countries. Guided by more than four decades of excellence in recruitment, the consultants at each of our 34 international offices know their local landscape intimately and collaborate regularly to ensure that clients receive a truly integrated, global service.

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Digital Specialists Recruitment

JAC Digital

Recruiting Top Tech Talent for Digitalisation and Digital Transformation
Digitalisation is affecting businesses of every shape and size, and taking an industry-agnostic approach to hiring can expose firms to individuals from diverse sectors whose ideas are truly transformational. This is where JAC Digital comes in – our consultants can introduce you to top digital talent from across the industry landscape who specialise in everything from FinTech to AI and Big Data.

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Bilingual Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Bilingual Recruitment Consultancy for Multinational Companies in Japan
When international brands expand into Japan, hiring unbeatable bilingual talent is usually very high on their list of priorities. Many seek assistance from JAC International, a Tokyo-based brand that works with multinationals that are looking to establish a presence in Japan and want to implement a strong team.

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Next-Generation Leader Recruitment

To understand the need for an organisation seeking long-term growth to connect with young and capable professionals, our focus lies in identifying future executives and management professionals within the organisation.

Next-Generation Leaders and Future Specialists Recruitment

JAC Career

Recruitment Consultancy Specialising in Talented Junior Professionals
Each day, numerous enthusiastic newcomers enter the talent pool, and within a few years, certain individuals show remarkable promise. Our mission is to identify these high-flyers and connect them with future-focused organisations.

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Online Recruitment Platform

As well as the highly personal service offered by our various recruitment brands, JAC Group also has an online recruitment solution that swiftly and efficiently matches clients with top bilingual talent.

Online Recruitment Platform for Bilingual Professionals

JAC Interim-Management-Solutions

Leading Online Recruitment Platform for Bilingual Specialists
CareerCross is a trusted platform with a user-friendly interface, renowned in Japan and beyond. It offers organisations a fast and reliable method to recruit exceptional bilingual talent and enhance workforce management.

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