Why Work with JAC Group

Our Global Business Network: Going Beyond Traditional Recruitment

Why Work with JAC Group

When an organisation comes to selecting a recruitment partner, it is natural for the firm to perceive that all companies offer similar services. “Aren't recruitment companies simply there to match firms with candidates?”

At JAC Group, we believe there is much more than just matching. We support organisations on their business journey every step of the way offering a level of expertise and insight that goes beyond ordinary.

Business Journey Partner

An Inside Knowledge of the Market

To ensure targeted and effective candidate searches, we have organised our recruitment company into eight niche brands, each with a distinct focus. Our consultants are divided into over 170 teams, each specialising in specific industries. This allows us to present organisations with a select group of exceptional talent who have already undergone thorough pre-screening. Our approach goes above and beyond industry standards, utilising intelligence and insight to ensure that the firm finds the perfect personnel.

Transparent Market Assessment

Our contacts, experience and knowledge of the industry mean that when the organisation is working with one of our specialist recruitment teams, the firm is getting the most accurate picture of talent availability within the specific industry. If the perfect candidate the firm envisions does not exist, we will be honest and transparent since we believe that eliminating false hopes will enable the organisation to proceed as efficiently as possible based on reality.

Our teams are here to offer guidance on all aspects of recruitment and will draw on their many years of deep industry knowledge to provide timely, relevant information. Clients frequently make critical decisions based on this insight that helps their business to become stronger.


Targeted and effective candidate searches

A 360-degree Approach for Maximum Efficiency

At JAC Group, we pride ourselves on our 360-degree approach to recruitment. This means that, unlike many other organisations that separate client teams from candidate teams, our consultants look after both sides. By this approach, we believe we can provide either side with a seamless and holistic experience. Also, this consultation approach reduces the possibility of delays and information getting lost. We are the largest firm in Japan to adopt this 360-degree model and this is another reason why organisations can expect smooth, streamlined services with any of our JAC Group brands.

A Commitment to Professionalism

Since our establishment in the 1970s in the UK, JAC Group has remained dedicated to our mission of connecting professionals worldwide to drive the development of business and society. Guided by this principle, we are committed to incredibly high levels of professionalism in our interaction. Our teams are continuously striving to expand their market knowledge and network to better serve organisations. In an era where AI-powered talent finding is expected to proliferate, the personal touch offered by JAC Group's various brands remains one of our key assets.

No Boundaries to Our Search

Our consultants possess comprehensive knowledge of the industries of their respective countries and demonstrate a profound understanding of the field. They have actively cultivated extensive networks of contacts to enhance their expertise.

Our search for top-tier talent is not confined by geographical boundaries. With 34 offices spanning 11 countries worldwide, we possess the capacity to assist organisations in sourcing exceptional candidates regardless of location. Our dedicated teams work collaboratively, transcending borders, to ensure effective support for the search. This approach not only enables us to provide valuable assistance, but also broadens our knowledge of diverse marketplaces beyond the immediate vicinity of our teams.

Supporting Your Business Beyond Recruitment

When the organisation chooses to work with JAC Group, it means that they will gain access to a wide range of business support services across Asia and other regions where we have a presence. These services can expedite the company’s growth or expansion ambitions in the region. Many of our clients perceive us as business partners rather than mere recruiters. In the future, our network of business support services will continue to expand rapidly, solidifying our commitment to bolstering the strength of our clients' businesses.

Ultimately, we aim to surpass the organisation’s expectations and go beyond the services provided by traditional recruitment firms. By doing so, we have built a reputation as a trusted partner, which is a valuable asset in the business world.

Our Mission

Connecting Ambitions

JAC Group has been connecting people, businesses, the economy and society and contributing to their growth by connecting (introducing) professionals who play an important role in the development of companies around the world.

The success of the professionals we connect with leads to the progress of companies and eventually to the development of the world economy. That economic development results in a contribution to society.

Every person we connect with will connect to new people in new environments, leading to further personal growth.

Connecting our ambitions leads to the development of individuals, companies, society, nations and the world.

Connecting these together is the work and mission of JAC Group.

A Powerful Global Presence

Our extensive reach, connections, and deep knowledge of industries enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions for global recruitment. This is how we serve the business needs of organisations around the world.