JAC Career

Recruitment Consultancy Specialising in Talented Junior Professionals

JAC Career specialises in helping organisations find bright junior professionals who have the capacity to grow into future leaders within the organisation.

JAC Career

The needs and expectations of a graduate or an employee with just a few years of experience vary greatly from those of a mid-career professional or senior executive. From an employer’s point of view, meanwhile, the selection process when recruiting these new hires requires its own special touch. JAC Career addresses both issues equally well. We understand the handholding needed for promising young professional through one of the most important phases of their career.

At the same time, we help organisations connect with up-and-coming talent that suits their corporate culture. It is not in our nature to put forward candidates for multiple jobs. We prefer to work with both the organisation and up-and-coming talent to ensure high compatibility levels. This saves time for both parties and maximises the chances of a successful placement.

Strengths of JAC Career

Finding the Right Talents for Long-term Success

Retaining great young talent is a major concern for organisations. Among various demographic groups, employees in their 20s are more likely to switch jobs frequently. Therefore, JAC Career focuses on consulting with young talent on career vision in conjunction with introducing them to the right organisations.
We do this by pulling out all the stops to satisfy both the business in need of young talent and the individual job-seeker. This helps reduce turnover. In the IT and Digital job categories, our 2022 data shows that not a single candidate we had placed at a company left within three months of joining.

Elevating Future Leaders Today

In recent years, a growing number of companies have reported difficulties in recruiting mid-career junior professionals due to unique challenges and factors influencing recruitment in this age group. JAC Group's successful recruitment history allows us to understand the complexities of the changing job market and to provide solutions to today's challenges.

Our Group has more than 1,400 consultants who have many years of experience in assisting managers and specialists to change jobs. By working closely with these senior employees - often people in their 40s and 50s - as they move through their careers, our consultants are able to identify the kind of skills and personalities that junior professionals need to possess to become the next generation of leaders.


Elevating Future Leaders Today

Expertise Across Specific Industries

All of the JAC Career consultants are experts within a specific industry. As a result, they are well suited to advising clients within their chosen field on industry trends and to providing a meticulous consulting service whenever needed. We are especially well-versed in helping organisations to formulate hiring plans for talented junior professionals. Additionally, our consultants each have an up-to-date candidate list of promising young talents who have appeared on their radar. Often, these individuals are so well known to our consultants that a very well-informed idea of their intended career path has been established.

By employing a 360-degrees consultancy approach to recruitment that sees consultants working with both clients and candidates, we are able to develop a clear image not just of candidates’ intentions and personalities, but of the hiring organisation’s culture and needs. This understanding of both sides naturally leads to more successful matches.