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JAC Executive

A successful business can never rest on its laurels. That’s a sentiment that is as true for the companies we work for as it is for ourselves. Since 1988, JAC Executive has been helping Japanese businesses and global corporations in Japan connect with talent that will take them to the next level. Who could have foreseen that the needs of these businesses would change so dramatically over the past 10 years?

We are continuing to provide organisations with a carefully focused, high-level recruitment service that makes sourcing the executive talent they need fast and efficient. We help businesses drive change that ensures growth in a competitive business environment. Our incredible network of contacts, coupled with our deep understanding of the global commercial landscape, means we can help with a wide range of business reforms. This could be helping businesses diversify their senior leadership team; it could be finding key hires to assist with digital transformation or sustainable development goals. Equally, our clients’ ambitions could lie in starting a new business, entering new global markets, expansion or business succession.

We’re here to help the companies we work with take their business to the next level. Whatever our clients require, they know their needs will be met by a dedicated, highly professional, and experienced team with well-established records of finding next-generation leaders.

Strengths of JAC Executive

A 100% Focus on Senior Management and Executive Roles

The 70-strong JAC Executive team has a single objective: to help your business find the very best management talent. We place:

  • Next-generation managers
  • Management talent responsible for promoting digital transformation and SDGs
  • Top management for IPOs, governance positions (such as non-executive directors and corporate auditors) and foreign business positions
  • Business succession specialists, global expansion experts and more

Our consultants begin each new engagement with a thorough evaluation of the sector-specific landscape. After researching the industry environment and relevant trends, we provide candidates. These range from senior management level to CEOs and highly specialised individuals with international experience. The process includes educating candidates about a client’s corporate culture and climate. Interviews with our consultants are essential to confirm that the candidate can indeed offer solutions to problems. We will only make recommendations after a candidate has been comprehensively considered.

A Talent Network Still Growing After 35 Years

A core asset is our unparalleled database of exceptional talent. This detailed trove of highly skilled candidates offers an incredibly rich starting point for every engagement. And because we have a solid, trusted network of career professionals in place, we can use the personal connections of each consultant when identifying potential candidates.

This, we have found, is critically important, as senior talent tends to lean on private connections when looking to change careers. In other words, when senior business leaders quietly start looking for new opportunities, they often turn to us as a trusted resource to explore potential opportunities. Acting as the intermediary between individuals and companies seeking to change, improve and grow, we can often fill senior roles quickly and discreetly, with no need to publicly announce that a vacancy ever needed to be filled.

Global Solutions for Pivotal New Hires

Our reach extends to global talent as well as domestic management talent. JAC Group is one of the largest recruitment agencies in the world, with a network of professional talents in no less than 11 countries. If the ideal candidate for your senior role is in Asia, Europe or the US, we can work with our colleagues in those regions to find them. Our extensive global network ensures that clients can have confidence in our ability to find the right talent without being hindered by geographical boundaries.

A Deep Understanding of Changing Management Issues

JAC Executive increasingly works with companies in need of executive personnel who are well versed in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESGs) matters. We have a growing network of individuals well suited to helping organisations transition to a more purpose-driven enterprise or to align their company with the new business landscape in other ways.

In addition, we are focusing on supporting the recruitment of female executives and global talent in response to the adoption of diversity principles and the trend toward globalisation. We also understand that important executive hires are sometimes required on a relatively short-term or ad-hoc basis, which is why we assist with non-executive directors, Executive Consultants and other similar roles.